Folding beam background support, central assembly, 170cm



VAT included

Folding beam to the background, central assembly on a tripod with a 10mm thread. Beam length 170cm.

The BEAM170 beam is a simple two-part beam that is attached to the center opening. The beam sections click together. The length of the beam is 170 cm.

Beam 170 is used to suspend backdrops using stands with a 10mm threaded stud (eg CGLS-816B). The backgrounds are attached to the beam with any type of studio clamps (clips, frogs, vices, etc.). The beam diameter is 2.2 cm. The beam is designed for fixing fabric, cardboard or plastic backgrounds. The maximum beam load is 2 kg.

  • Beam length 170 cm
  • Beam type foldable
  • Sections: 2
  • Weight: 0.35 kg
  • Carrying capacity: 2 kg
  • Beam diameter 22 mm
  • section 1 83.5 cm
  • section 2 91.5 cm
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